Infants (6 weeks-24 months)

Our Infant program is dedicated to providing you and your baby with the highest quality infant care around. Our number one priority is to provide your baby with a safe and healthy environment.

Babies all follow their own individual schedules for meals, naps and playtime. Caregivers communicate daily with parents to insure that we are closely following babies typical home routine. Babies will have lots of time to explore their environment under the watchful eye of their caregivers. Equipment and materials provided will help them to develop and refine their gross motor, fine motor skills and other skills.

Come tour our Beautiful Infant Nursery!  The room has been fully equipped with furnishings from Constructive Playthings- whose furniture is not only safe and functional, but beautiful too! From our private, cozy sleeping area to our activity centers your baby will have all the comforts of home and more while in our care.

In addition to the Infant classroom, we have a wonderful outdoor infant play area located right outside of the classroom. The play area is completely enclosed and covered with rubber safety surfacing to protect all our crawling and toddling little ones!

A Typical Day in Our Younger Infant Room
In our infant room you won’t find a set “schedule”.  Each baby will follow his or her own individual schedule when it comes to eating, sleeping, playing and routine care.

Arrival: As you and your baby arrive, you will be greeted warmly by your child’s caregivers.  They will assist you in unpacking babies supplies for the day and getting baby involved in one of our activity centers.  Parents will then have the time to fill out the daily intake form and talk with caregivers regarding essential information for that day.  After a hug and kiss good-bye parents will be on their way, assured that their baby is in great hands!

Early Morning: Some babies will participate in routine care activities such as eating and/or diaper changes while other babies will have fun playing in our activity centers!  There will be lots of hugs, cuddles and guidance from our caregivers as your child works on developing new skills.

Mid-Morning: While some babies are napping other babies will enjoy music and movement, stories and other play activities led by their caregivers. This will also be time for a snack for some of the older babies.

Late-Morning: Time to get some Fresh Air!  Babies will get to explore in our outdoor infant playspace or maybe take a stroll in our baby buggy!

Early Afternoon: After coming in from outside, many babies will be ready to eat lunch and take a nap. Babies who are awake during this time will enjoy some one on one time with their care-givers.

Mid-Afternoon: After babies wake up from their naps, they will enjoy an afternoon filled with stimulating activities designed to develop social, physical and cognitive skills. Depending on the weather, babies may be able to go outside for some more fresh air.

Late-Afternoon: Some babies will take part in routine care activities such as eating and/or diaper changes while other babies play independently or with their caregivers and friends in our activity centers.

Dismissal: As parents arrive to pick up their little ones, caregivers will be ready to give details on their busy day!  Each baby will have a daily report sent home that will indicate exactly when they ate, slept and where changed that day.